Metrotech was formed in 1986 to undertake Consulting Engineering Contracts, specialising in structural and mechanical engineering.

The IT systems are based on Microsoft Programs, Strand 7 - FEA Structural Program, AutoCAD - 2D and 3D Draughting Programs.

Metrotech have undertaken contracts for major corporations such as BMA Coal, Goro Nickel, Central Queensland Port Authority, Queensland Magnesia, Queensland Metal and Xstrata. We have also worked directly with or as consultants to, leading engineering companies such as Fluor Daniel, SKM, Roberts & Schaefer and GHD.

Working with specialist fabrication shops and certified inspectors, Metrotech designs crane components and certifies cranes in accordance to AS1418 and AS2550. We also inspect and certify cranes in compliance to the 'Queensland Mobile Crane Code of Practice'

Metrotech has achieved and maintains a good reputation to produce high quality engineering services on schedule and in an economical manner.